We are pleased about the cooperations with long-standing and new industry partners.

Take advantage of the opportunity to be in a central location for the first Münchner Radiologie Symposium.
Here you will find the platform to be able to present your products and innovations in a targeted manner and to get in contact with your target audience.

If you are interested in participating in the industrial exhibition or in sponsoring, please contact the industry team at radiologie-symposium@eurokongress.de.


The Conference Vetting System (CVS) is a unique initiative in the healthcare industry and an independently managed system which reviews the compliance of third-party educational events with MedTech Europe Code of Ethical Business Practice and Mecomed Code of Business Practice (the “Codes”) to determine the appropriateness for companies which are members of MedTech Europe and Mecomed to provide financial support to such events in the form of educational grants or commercial activities (booths, advertising, satellite symposium).

The Munich Radiology Symposium 2024 has been submitted to EthicalMedTech for approval.

The decision is published on www.ethicalmedtech.eu and can be viewed under the following link: https://www.ethicalmedtech.eu/medtech-apps/cvs/view-event/EMT36089.